Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development Services

When it comes to mobile application development services, it has become a mainstream solution for passionate entrepreneurs who wish to create and expand brand visibility in a competitive digital world. We at MapsIT Technologies are delighting our clients with agile methodologies that help in reserving their application into a professional league as it excels in design, feels, and features of the app.

Our team of mobile engineering departments accommodates experts with decades of experience as they are professionally trained developers as they guarantee the quality, stability, and usability of the application. Whether it is a hybrid or native application, it helps in maximising the return of your investment if developed well and professionally.

We have built more than 50 mobile applications till now, and our team has worked with immense diverse domains ranging in different industries like education, travel, healthcare, and more. Your application will definitely be at an advantage and better gaining standing when we build your project with complete honesty and professional methodologies.

Enterprise Mobile App Development- It is a Continuous Evolution in The Industry

Choosing an experienced mobile application development company like MapsIT  helps in the predictability of successful results and better revenues for your company.

It is vital to see the proactive approach supported by the agile process as it helps in optimisation of your time and investment at each step. You can receive a digital product with an agile approach that helps in meeting the requirement of the firm and might help in exceeding the expectations too well.

Strategy & Consulting

Choosing innovation consulting and technology supported by market understanding helps in developing the success-oriented application for your firm

UX & Design

We help with the user-focused approach with digital tools and Omni channels as it helps in meeting the need of users along with business goals

Engineering & Delivery

MapsIT is best known for its iterative approach to mobile applications development as it serves utmost efficiency, which addresses changes on time.

QA & Optimisation

MapsIT integrates new products and apps into the digital infrastructure of the brand that enables quality assurance and insights for optimisation.

Technology Stack Used For Mobile Application Development

  •   iOS: Swift, Objective-C, X-Code
  •   Android: Java, Kotlin, Android Studio
  •   Cross-Platform: Flutter, React Native, Ionic, JavaScript, HTML 5
  •   Database: Firebase, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, DynamoDB, Oracle, SQLite
  •   Design Tools: Illustrator, AdobeXD, Photoshop, After Effects, Sketch, Figma, InVision, Zepli

Coding Standards We Follow For Mobile Application Development

MapsIT technologies has always been keen to offer top-notch services keeping quality the priority. While developing the app here are certain coding standards we like to follow to improve the readability and maintainability of the code.

  •   Stable: We ensure security and stability before releasing the application to the firm. We are known for using different types of testing tools to check code stability and products.
  •  Smart:We use smart coding to avoid and reduce technical risk and make it resistant to any fault or error in a longer run. We plan a series of actions for users to reach before the final coding.
  •   Reusable: Code reusability basically reduces development time and redundancy. For MapsIT, optimisation of code is necessary and we achieve it by reusing the code
  • Uncomplicated: Uncomplicated code is basically the array and series of codes which is professional and can be understood by other developers. We write Uncomplicated code that is widely accepted.

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