Project Management Consulting Services by MapsIT

  • Our team of project management specialists offers a highly flexible and bespoke service based on a robust and well-established approach for delivery. Working in co-operation with our clients, we adopt a value-driven methodology to define and articulate business and project objectives before stipulating the most effective means to deliver. MapsIT provides a whole range of project management services from the development of business cases and organizational frameworks to procurement, design, delivery and operation.

No matter how large or complex a project is, we consistently work to employ and refine our systems and processes in order to provide control, governance and transparency from the very start to the completion of the project. At every point of decision, we challenge the existing state of project and work assiduously to devise the smartest and most efficient solution.


  •   Paramount importance given to customer care

  •   Strong leadership manifestation from inception to completion of the project
  •   Definite delivery regardless of the complexity of project
  •   Adaptable methodologies that respond to business changes
  •   Smooth integration with the organization


  •   Identify Strategic options: We help you define clear project goals based on the understanding of your business requirements.
  •   Define: We design a rigorous project management program that includes clearly expressing the team roles and duties and identifying efficiencies, risks and opportunities.
  •   Execute: We mobilize rapidly, working from deep within the organization to harmoniously integrating with your corporate culture.
  • Activate and Manage: We aim to close programs to the satisfaction of all the stakeholders, illustrating the real value in both quantitative and qualitative terms.


At MapsIT, our project management experts identify our clients’ strategic options and develop complex programs from the integrated projects. We have considerable industry experience to deliver a course of action that manages every aspect of the project development and delivery including risk, time to market, cost and quality.

By delivering strong leadership from the start to the finish of project, we give clients a level of confidence and trust that they desire. We develop robust and transparent delivery methodologies that are based on strong experience gained from large scale projects from around the world.

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Flexibility, my project is complex and they were able to make all the small changes to make it not only work, but work in ..
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They are easy to work with, they are patient and understanding !
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